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Re: apache (debian 7) missed chroot module

Ive looked a little at this recently and the best i could come up with
is, you either run apache in lxc or you run apache with different

I run it with different users. There is a helper in
/usr/share/doc/apach2/mutiuser.sh or something like that. You have to
create the users yourself. It seems the saner isolation i could come
up with. There is some apache module for isolation, but you have to
have the apache process that process the petitions running as root ...
 which is not good

hope it helps!

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 5:24 PM, Pol Hallen <deben@fuckaround.org> wrote:
> Hey all :-)
> Installing apache on debian 7 there isn't any chroot module for apache.
> Also searching out I didn't found any...
> any idea to put apache to chroot?
> thanks!
> Pol
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