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Re: monitor turns off when external monitor not plugged

On Mon, Jul 01, 2013 at 11:55:13AM -0300, Marcelo Elias Del Valle wrote:
>    Hello, 
>        I have an Acer 771G notebook and when I installed debian wheezy, I had
>    my external monitor plugged. Now, if I restart my computer with the
>    external monitor plugged, gdm3 shows ok and I can use the computer
>    normally. However, if I start the computer without the external monitor,
>    the notebook monitor turns off until I plug the external one. I tried to
>    turn the laptop the default monitor, but no success, when I restart the
>    computer, same thing happens.
>        Any hint on how to solve this?

This sounds like a BIOS problem. If the laptop panel won't turn on
unless an external monitor is plugged in, then it may be that you have
to change the "default monitor" setting in the BIOS to "Internal" or

Now, ideally, yes X should be detecting which displays are connected and
power up the internal one when it's the only one available, but it's not
inconceivable that the BIOS has powered down the graphics chip because
the default monitor is not plugged in.

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