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Re: Why does my ssh session terminate immediately?

Andreas Leha wrote:
> PS: I'd still be grateful for more pointers....

I still believe it must be something that has changed in your
environment.  It worked at one time.  It isn't working now.  Between
those two points something changed.

* Something in your $HOME
* Something in the system

I would try to isolate those two so as to determine where the problem
resides.  The sshd debug trail that you included thinks that the user
process exited.  My best guess is that it is something in your $HOME
environment.  To debug I would try to make things as simple as
possible.  Keep reducing the area the problem can exist in until you
have converged on the solution.

To isolate if it is a $HOME problem I would try one of two things.  Or
both if there were questions.  I would temporarily move all of the
files specifically dot files in $HOME into a subdirectory.  That would
prevent them from having any effect during login.  You don't need any
files in your $HOME in order to log in.  You will simply have a raw
default shell environment if there are no customizations.

Or if that is difficult then I would create a new test user that
starts off pristine clean.  That would be the better test.  Then log
in as that user.  The new user would have no history and the remote
login should work simply and easily.  If either of those things get
your login working again then you know the problem is definitely in
$HOME.  If the pristine new user also has the problem then I suspect
something in the system.

It is quite common for this type of problem to be in $HOME.  Hopefully
it will be for you too.  If it is in the system then things are going
to be more difficult to try to isolate where.  But should still be


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