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Re: Thanks to All (Was: MUA & Yahoo)

On Sun, 28 Apr 2013 19:36:06 +0200, Siard <shiems146@kpnplanet.nl>

> Patrick Bartek:
> > Siard:
> >[snip]
> > > 
> > > Wait a minute. In Sylpheed, html messages can be viewed with an
> > > external browser. (Right click > Open...)
> > 
> > An "Open" option is not available.  And I can't find any such
> > option in any of the menus either.
> Click the 'attachment list view' button that appears in every message
> containing html.  I'll show it here, it's at the right red arrow:
> http://home.kpn.nl/shiems/stuff/sylpheed.png
> Then right-click the html part (left red arrow) to 'Open' or 'Open
> with...'

Okay, found it.

> > [snip]
> > I have mine set to google chrome '%s'.  I also tried chrome '%s'.
> > No joy.    Of course, I'm configuring as I learn how to use
> > Sylpheed.  So, that could be part of the problem.
> Check whether you can open chrome + url from the command line like
> this: $ chrome www.google.com
> If this works, then  chrome '%s'  should work with the 'Open' menu
> option mentioned above.

google-chrome '%s' works.  Don't forget the hyphen.

I just wish it could open in Sylpheed's reader window itself, instead
of me having to switch to a different workspace where google-chrome is
running all the time.  Would Thunderbird or similar do that?  I've
never used it, so I don't know.


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