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Re: Thanks to All (Was: MUA & Yahoo)

Patrick Bartek:
> Frank McCormick:
> >     Sylpheed simply strips all the extraneous codes out and
> > displays HTML as text. As far as I know there are no plugins which
> > would help it to display HTML as they are supposed to be rendered.
> > CLAWS which is a Sylpheed spinoff does have ways to display HTML
> > and is a drop-in replacement for Sylpheed. I tried it recently but
> > found the documentation lacking in clarity. I ended up switching to
> > Thunderbird.
> Yes, it strips the code, shows the plain text, plus, all the image
> links. All of it in no particular order.  There's got to be a better
> option.  I'll let the list know, if I find one.

Wait a minute. In Sylpheed, html messages can be viewed with an external
browser. (Right click > Open...)
This works so well that there has never been a need for an internal
html viewer.
The browser you prefer can be set in Configuration > Common preferences >
Details > tab External commands.
I have 'Web browser' set to   opera '%s' .

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