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Re: Wheezy issue with broadcom 5720 nic on new dell PowerEdge R720

Dne 26.4.2013 19:13, Lukas Zita napsal(a):
Then I have noticed small patch in 3.2.43: "tg3: fix length overflow in VPD
firmware parsing", so I have compiled vanilla kernel and got the NIC working
correctly. I will yet try to apply this patch on stock Wheezy kernel, but I
believe that the problem lies there.
So I have finished more tests with compilation of Wheezy kernel and unfortunately applying mentioned fix didn't solve the problem. But after comparing Wheezy source of tg3.c with vanilla 3.2.44 and some searching, I have found that these patches:
Are applied in Wheezy, but not in vanilla. Can't find why, but maybe because the support for queue limit was buggy?

It is beyond my knowledge of current kernel development to do more debugging and try to find why these calls fail only on some NIC, but maybe it could be safe to remove those two patches from Wheezy? It's just a guess based on their absence in upstream.

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