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Re: Wheezy Sleezy Gnome

On 04/23/13 19:08, cletusjenkins wrote:
> I recently bought a laptop, it came pre-installed with wheezy (because the nvidia driver needed a newer kernel). I really dislike the new version of gnome. ...
> I installed several other desktops...
> xfce looks the best of the bunch to me.

My newest mid-tower also needs to run Wheezy for the video chip (Intel Core i7 2600S). I also disliked Gnome 3, went through the same desktop evaluation process, and ended up at XFCE.

I then installed VirtualBox, set up a VM with debian-6.0.7-i386 with the default graphical user interface (Gnome 2), and moved my desktop apps and data there. Now I can easily export/import my desktop VM to any hardware that supports VirtualBox. :-)



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