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Wheezy Sleezy Gnome

I recently bought a laptop, it came pre-installed with wheezy (because the nvidia driver needed a newer kernel). I really dislike the new version of gnome. I feel like my expensive laptop is hobbled. It feels like a slow $100 android tablet instead of a powerful computer.

I can't customize anything about the desktop.

Everything is buried under layers and layers of menus and all the apps are in jumbled lists.

I installed several other desktops, icewm, lxde, kde, etc. I've never really liked KDE, but it seems to have decided to go in much of the same direction gnome has (and windows 8, so maybe just maybe someone at gnome should do some serious thinking about that, if you find you are doing the same thing microsoft is doing that should be a ). I like using LXDE and some of the other alternative on older, low-power machines, but most still have a hodge-podge look that screams windows 95. Icewm was my favorite in the early 0x, but they lost me when icepref disappeared. Anywhoo.....

xfce looks the best of the bunch to me.

My old laptop (the one I'm writing this on) has squeeze with gnome 2.30.2. Is there anyway to get an actual gnome *desktop* on wheezy sans all this metro-esque crap?

-- clet
debian is my main squeeze

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