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Re: a problem with CUPS

* Paul Condon <pecondon1@gmail.com> [130423 14:30]:
> My problem is that CUPS software does not handle .pdf files easily.
> If I try to print file, zyx.pdf, by typing "lpr zyx.pdf" , the
> command is accepted, the light
> flashes on the printer and after a while a piece of paper comes out
> of the printer ... but  it is -blank-. Evince also 'prints' only
> blank pages.  Pages from iceweasel, and emacs (including the fancy
> Postscript format) are printed correctly. But if I save the page to
> a file and then try to print the file, something prevents the black
> stuff from sticking to the print drum. Where is that something?

Someone suggested to me the workaround of printing to a filename.ps
file, then using the terminal command lpr filename.ps .  This has been
working for me.


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