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Re: Issue with VirtualBox + netinst

Attila-Mihaly Balazs wrote:
> I'm seeing the following issue with netinst (both 6.0.7 and 7.0 RC1)
> and VirtualBox (4.1.18_Ubuntu r78361):
> - the installer detects/configures the network normally, however
> when it comes to mirror selection it reports that the "release might
> not be supported by this mirror" for every mirror

Sounds like a DNS or NAT failure.  Or you might have a firewall that
is blocking.  You are using a mirror name such as ftp.us.debian.org?

Check your /etc/resolv.conf file and verify that you can look up
hostnames correctly.  Verify that you can look up the mirror
correctly.  Then verify that you can see the files there correctly.  I
would use lynx for that but wget/curl works too.  If you have a
firewall blocking then of course it won't work.  This following should
return a README file.

  wget -O- http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/README

If the NAT in your VirtualBox is the same subnet as the real subnet
your host is connected to then of course NAT will fail terribly.  It
must be a unique subnet.

> - the solution which worked for me: change the adapter to PCnet-PCI
> II (from the default Intel 100/1000) AND change the networking from
> NAT to Bridged

Yes.  Because that removes both DNS and NAT from the configuration.
With bridged networking the vm will be using on your subnet directly.
But with NAT it will be one layer behind it.  But when using bridged
then the dhcp will be using your host subnet dhcp server instead.

Typically when using NAT there will be dnsmasq-base installed and it
will be setting up DHCP and DNS.  But I find that dnsmasq-base doesn't
set up a default domain name.  That causes this to fail for me when
trying to use my local mirror.

To avoid this a simple solution is to configure a static IP address.
That avoids the dnsmasq-base dhcp issues and you can configure your
dns server manually.

Verify that dnsmasq-base is even installed for you.  Perhaps your
configuration is expecting to use it and it isn't actually installed.
In Debian it is only a Recommends: relationship and wouldn't get
pulled in if you were avoiding recommends.

> My question is:
> - is there a bug for this in the bugtracker? (I searched around a
> little bit, but couldn't find anythin)
> - should I file a bug for this? If so, for which package?

I use KVM all of the time and all I can say is that it works there.
But dnsmasq-base doesn't set a default domain name.

If you file a bug be sure to file it to the right tracker.  Ubuntu for
the Ubuntu portions.  Or Debian for the Debian portions.

I don't know if you are using it but the most likely candidate for a
problem is dnsmaq-base.


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