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Re: Starting Google Chrome

On 04/15/2013 07:09 PM, Ethan Rosenberg, PhD wrote:
Dear list -

Installed Google Chrome. Can start from the applications dropdown list.

1] No desktop icon
2] Wish to be able to start from command line so that I can start it
with a specific file.

I don't what you are using to start an X session so this might not apply.
I start applications by creating an .xinitrc file in my home directory with the following entries.

iceweasel &
osmo -e -d 12  &
recoll -c /AltEnergy/Wheezy/recoll &

exec startfluxbox [my X windows manager]

A search on Google gives the start command as google-chrome. I can't
make it work.

I don't use google-chrome do
In a console
which google-chrome   if that doesn't work  then  which chrome
rosenberg:/home/ethan# google-chrome %U
bash: google-chrome: command not found

Any ideas?

If you had started which WM you were using, you might get a more
suitable answer.


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