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Re: remove unwanted services/packages

Thread name: "Re: remove unwanted services/packages" 
Mail number: 4 
Date: Fri, Apr 12, 2013 
In reply to: Alex Mestiashvili 
> If you are limited in space than you can try to delete the man pages and
> documentation in other than your language. see localepurge package.

delete mans could be a chaos while uninstall packages, I use this script
for blank all the NOT ENGLISH man pages...

lazaro@utopian:~# cat /usr/local/bin/manclean.sh
cd /usr/share/man || exit 0
for i in $(ls -l |grep -v "man[0-9]"|awk {'print $9'}); do
   for b in $i/*/*.[0-9].gz; do
   test -f $b && echo '' > $b

for blank ALL the man's pages, just strip the "grep -v" between "|"
You could also do the same with /usr/share/doc/'s content :D

lazaro@utopian:~# cat /usr/local/bin/desdoc.sh
cd /usr/share/doc/ || exit 0
for doc in $(find /usr/share/doc -type f); do
   test -f $doc && echo '' > $doc

Exim could also be very big, you could use msmtp-mta for replace local
mta and still get mails from cron ;)

Other big source of uneeded bytes are the logs, usin the same medicine

lazaro@utopian:~# cat /usr/local/bin/limpialogs.sh
cd /var/log/ || exit 0
for logn in $(find /var/log/ -type f|grep ".*[0-9]"); do
   test -f $logn && rm $logn
for log in $(find /var/log/ -type f); do
   test -f $log && echo '' > $log

OH! last but not less important

   aptitude clean

Que tenga un buen día y mucho sexo en la noche. Saludos

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