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OT: Addressbook Programs

I would like an addressbook program compatible with my cell phone and
with a few more features that contacts.  It should be pretty simple to
write something in Perl or perhaps to modify the contacts source code
but before I start reinventing the wheel I thought I would make sure I
haven't overlooked good existing programs.

contacts is a Debian program so this is not entirely OT.

What I would like the program or an enhanced contacts to do is

1.  Import my entire cell phone list, not just one entry at a time.
2.  Present an entry form to be tabbed through which includes
firstname/lastname, lastname/firstname, nickname,
streetnumber/street, state, zipcode, homephone, cellphone,
businessphone, email address, url, group (eg. family, friends,
business), husbandorwifes name, homephone, cellphone, email address,
3. Retains the option to include other items not cited above.
4. Exports the entire list to my cell phone or individual entries when
added or updated.  (Better: syncs pc and cell phone additions and

I recognize that contacts can create an entry as described in #2 above
but the process is cumbersome.

Any suggestions?

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