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Re: remove unwanted services/packages

Le Ven 12 avril 2013 10:30, binary dreamer a écrit :
> Hi. i have done a clean install of debian making use of the debootstrap
> and installing only the base system in a pcengines ALIX 2d13. This system
> will run only asterisk (CLI) and i need it to be as skinny as possible. i
> have removed exim4 and ftp. What other services/packages i could remove to
> make it as light as possible? There is nothing such as gui on this system.
>  the installation of asterisk will take place by me from source.
> Some guidance please, to trim it down.

The way I usually do big cleaning up is a little risky (and long to
apply), but may inspire you:

I use the aptitude ncurses interface, go at package's root and mark
everything as needing to be removed. Vital packages then ask to enter a
loong phrase, which I do not so they'll stay installed.
Then, I simple enable one by one packages which gave me features I need.

As I said, it is risky, and I do not think I would like to use such a
procedure on a computer which is not mine.

The other solution, far easier, faster and safer, but which need a full
re-installation, is to install debian, and when the installer asks you to
select packages you want, to uncheck all boxes, including base system.
Even without base system, you will have tools to install/remove packages,
including aptitude.

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