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Re: slow ssh prompt

On 4/11/13 1:45 PM, binary dreamer wrote:
> Hi. I am running debian 6.0.7 and i am facing a problem with slow 
> response when asking to ssh. once i do a ssh root@ then 
> the prompt for the passwd it takes around 30 secs to respond. after
> that everything is fine. is there a way to fix that delay?

As mentioned, it might be the DNS lookup.

Is your client machine properly registered in DNS for the server to be
able to easily look it up?  If not, you might try changing "UseDNS" from
"yes" to "no" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

Also, it's not such a good idea to leave remote root logins enabled.  It
is possible to tune sudo vi /etc/sudoers so that you can accomplish a
specific task without giving away access to the whole show.


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