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Re: wheezy still missing php5-suhosin

Le Mer 10 avril 2013 12:36, Andrew McGlashan a écrit :
> Will php5-suhosin be re-instated any time soon?

I have no clue about what instated means :)

> And if not, what
> measures can we take to protect Wheezy servers now?

Maybe you can reuse the old package.
Check the dependencies, it is possible that there has been no changes in
If there has been, take a look to applications' changelogs, to see if the
new versions are compatible with the existing dependencies.

As you might know, there is a more or less standard versioning scheme
named semantic versioning (it is quite easy to understand even for a
non-native english user like me. You can find it's description here:
http://semver.org/). If dependencies uses it, you will be able to check
compatibility quite quickly: if major number did not changed, then you are
Of course, since you are willing to use this tool on a production server,
I strongly encourage you to take a look into changelogs and/or ask to
their developers to ensure nothing should be broken.

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