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Re: Upgrading on encrypted partitions from Squeeze to Wheezy

...in the meantime...

On 2013-04-04 14:09, alois.mahdal.1-ndmail@zxcvb.cz wrote:
I have quite fresh installation with Squeeze

I forgot to mention that one of things I *did* upgrade
was kernel: I have switched to 3.2 from Backports without
any pain.

Since I was installing to crypto volumes (completely new
laptop with empty HDD) for first time, I left all installer's
choices intact.   And I don't remember what it was.

I spoke with my colleague who had pretty the same setup:  squeeze,
BPO kernel, default settings for encrypted partitions in netinst,
and the same laptop model.  Only exception is slightly different
partition layout (I used separate /home, he used single-partition
layout, and that I left out first 49GiB as an empty primary
partition.   You guess right---we are both new employees getting
their boxes ready; both "Debianists")

The point is that he already did successful `apt-get dist-upgrade`
and is happily running Wheezy now.

Given that, and above, I'm going to do the upgrade as well.

Alois Mahdal

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