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Upgrading on encrypted partitions from Squeeze to Wheezy


I have quite fresh installation with Squeeze here and
I want to upgrade it to Wheezy.

In [upgrade guide][1], I read:

Support for cryptoloop has been dropped from the
Linux kernel packages included in Debian 7.0. Existing
installations using cryptoloop need to be transitioned
to dm-crypt before the upgrade.


Since I was installing to crypto volumes (completely new
laptop with empty HDD) for first time, I left all installer's
choices intact.   And I don't remember what it was.

I'm assuming that Squeeze might have supported (and offered
as default) the newer method.  So how do I check whether my
partitions are encrypted this or other method?

And if I need to do the transfer, will this mean that I need
to re-encrypt the whole volume again?  Can I avoid/postpone
that easily?


Alois Mahdal

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