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restarting perl?


After updating and upgrading Debian to the latest patches I use checkrestart (from Debian-goodies) to see if there are any programs using the old lib files.

# checkrestart
Found 1 processes using old versions of upgraded files
(1 distinct program)
(1 distinct packages)
These processes do not seem to have an associated init script to restart them:
        2098    /usr/bin/perl

So it seems perl may be using the old lib file(s) still. This started after the previous update I did about a week ago. I had hoped it would resolve itself as munin starts perl several times a day I thought something would trigger it.

Is the above simply an error of checkrestart and is Perl actually using the new lib already?
Is there some way I can / need to force perl to use the new lib?
Or do I need to restart the server?

Bonno Bloksma

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