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Re: need advice

Le 01/04/2013 16:59, Muhammad Yousuf Khan a écrit :
i have been working on Postfix dovecot etc for couple of months and suddenly my my management ask the question that they want to sync mobile device calendar along with i map. i am sure about IMAP i can implement this with no issues but calendar sync is something that i am looking for. so the criteria is to sync all calender items on android and iphone and outlook etc.
so what you please have to suggest.
and obviously no option of third party like google calender etc.
we are looking for some centralized solution



You must look at caldav, which is the open protocol for calendaring. I use davical as server which is part of debian. The hard part may be to find a way to connect outlook to a caldav server, it is made for exclusive use of exchange.

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