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Re: possible in lynx file download?

have you highlighted the md5sums file then tried hitting the (d) key?  
With lynx I notice on certain sites different behavior depending on 
whether the (d) key is used or the enter key is used to start a download.  
On Sun, 31 Mar 2013, Rick Thomas wrote:

> On Macs (an apple macintosh G4, running debian squeeze) I use lynx to download
> cd-images from cdimage.debian.org.  I have no problem  getting CD ".iso"
> images. (Except that it seems to prefer IPv6, which is significantly slower
> for me than IPv4. Is there a config option to change that behavior?)
> But when I try downloading the MD5SUMS file from the same directory, I get a
> few lines of HTML pre-pended to the downloaded file.
> Has anybody else seen this behavior?  Am I doing something wrong?  Is this a
> bug in Lynx?
> Rick

jude <jdashiel@shellworld.net>
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