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Re: User group in SW Missouri?

Russell L. Harris wrote:
* Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> [121129 13:21]:
Russell L. Harris wrote:
Check with local colleges.

Snicker ;/

What are you saying?

It was an editorial comment based past experience of a member of the public getting any useful information out of the two most prominent local tax supported institutions. If I knew any of the student body I might have a chance.

As to the rest of your comments - you are preaching to the choir ;)

Even if you are in a rural area, is there not a
college (or "community college") within easy driving distance?

Even a drive of, say, fifty miles each way, is not unreasonable.  A
visit to an installfest can be invaluable when one is setting out with
Linux, because of the expertise which such events attract.

Years ago, even after much reading, I had been unsuccessful in trying
to envision and implement a proper workflow for desktop publishing
with Emacs and LaTeX in the X environment.  Thankfully, I mentioned my
confusion to the guru who was installing my system, and in an
off-the-cuff demonstration which lasted less than ten minutes, he
demonstrated to me everything which I needed, in the process
introducing me to a key package -- xdvi -- with which I was


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