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Re: "Abberant symptopm" or "bug worth attempting to duplicate"?

On Mi, 28 nov 12, 18:33:43, Richard Owlett wrote:
> 1st trial, 1st install, 1st try
>  no swap, after "su & password"   attempted "apt-get install gdm3
> gedit gparted"
> result - massive crash

The error messages would have been very useful.

> as there had been warning message of strangeness possible without
> SWAP, not surprised

How much RAM does your test machine have? Assuming lack of memory is the 
problem apt-get might have been killed by the OOM killer and as far as I 
know this is logged.
(On OpenWRT one can see it with 'dmesg', don't know about Debian).

Kind regards,
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