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Re: Memory errors on new memory in new system

My apologize, but I don't have the time to read everything. I read that
you get errors when running Memtest. Do you have issues using the

Did you run Memtest from different distros (live media)?

I never have issues when using my computer. If I run the same version of
Memtest from a Parted Magic media everything is ok, but if I run it
(again same version!) from Ubuntu Studio Quantal, I get errors. I
experienced it very often that Memtest claims something is broken, when
nothing is broken.

IMO Memtest is bad software. I don't have issues with the RAM, excepted
of new Linux, that can't access all 4GB when using 64-bit kernels,
everything is ok.

If you should experience that a 64-bit kernel is unable to access the
whole memory, test what happens when using a 32-bit PAE and check BIOS


If you don' have issues using your computer, complete RAM or at least
enough RAM should be accessible and you use the computer several hours a
day, don't turn it off for several days, but nothing bad happens, I
wouldn't take care abut Memtest's claims.

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