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Re: Write protect access on USB port

On Lu, 26 nov 12, 22:33:51, Amit wrote:
> Yes, I basically want to avoid even the root user (or process with root
> privileges) to able to access this. So the kernel has to be replaced in
> order to disable the "write protect" on that USB port.
> It is more of a guarantee that there can be no accidental write on that
> device plugged in to that port.

There is no guarantee besides removing the device from the port[1]. Even 
if you were to remove write support from the usb-storage module (or 
whatever part of the kernel is responsible for that), one can still 
accidentally boot another kernel.

[1] and if you're worried about data corruption this is still not enough

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Maybe we can suggest better 

Kind regards,
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