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Re: UserIDs and setups for developers

On Sb, 24 nov 12, 19:39:53, Gordon Haverland wrote:
> I suppose most people who write Perl code, expect bugs and 
> everything else to go to CPAN.  Over the years, I've had questions 
> about using various other Perl modules, and so having some other 
> contact method seems to be needed.  I thought it would be useful 
> on my end, to have incoming mail related to Perl, to have a UserID 
> of 'perl' in the destination address.

There are other ways to deal with it.

> Maybe this package of mine becomes useful to people.  And perhaps 
> Debian picks it up.  My hope then would be to use debian@... as 
> the contact, instead of perl@....
> I can see how this can snowball into all kinds of directions.  I 
> have never produced software which  is useful across many 
> different applications before, and I am just trying to minimize 
> problems for me, or for users.

It depends a lot on the capabilities of your mail system (MTA, MDA, mail 

To keep everything under one account, but still have some separation 
according to the To: address I would suggest + extensions. This way you 
could publish name+perl@ in the source, name+debian@ in the Debian 
packages, etc. See this blog post for an example using Gmail:

Hope this helps,
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