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Re: UserIDs and setups for developers

On November 24, 2012, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Just use your own email address, ghaverla@...
> If you want to distinguish various email addresses, create
> multiple (real) email addresses, and use those per-project.
> That could easily get unwieldy though...
> Where do you want emails to go? Is your code to be given away/
> made public in some way?
> Presumably by including an email address in your source code,
> you're providing a way for other developers to contact you. In
> which case, to satisfy your intent you need to use a real
> email address.

I am getting close to producing a package (written in Perl) which 
is useful to people who do GPS related work, but should be useful 
to any kind of surface related work (such as Materials Science and 
Engineering, which is my "home").  But, I think this package will 
eventually be something like 50 different modules, as probably 
something like 10 different families of packages.

The intention is to send this to CPAN, being a Debian person I 
suppose I could build it for Debian.  But parts of this package 
are of general usefulness.  Which is why it will be families of 

Most people start by doing something simple.  I didn't.  From what 
other people have recommended, I should start "publishing" the 
bits that work.

I suppose most people who write Perl code, expect bugs and 
everything else to go to CPAN.  Over the years, I've had questions 
about using various other Perl modules, and so having some other 
contact method seems to be needed.  I thought it would be useful 
on my end, to have incoming mail related to Perl, to have a UserID 
of 'perl' in the destination address.

Maybe this package of mine becomes useful to people.  And perhaps 
Debian picks it up.  My hope then would be to use debian@... as 
the contact, instead of perl@....

I can see how this can snowball into all kinds of directions.  I 
have never produced software which  is useful across many 
different applications before, and I am just trying to minimize 
problems for me, or for users.



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