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Re: bind alt + . in bash vi mode

This took me too long to figure it out but in case anybody else was wondering how to do this.

This is the correct line...

-m vi-insert '"\e.": yank-last-arg'

On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 8:36 PM, alberto fuentes <pajaro@gmail.com> wrote:
I set it to emacs
    set -o emacs
then i saw the function i was looking for was yank-last-arg
    "\e.": yank-last-arg
    "\e_": yank-last-arg

I tried to create it for vi mode with
    set -o vi
    bind -m vi-insert "\e.": yank-last-arg

but it does not work... as a side effect 'a' key stopped working :/

Does anybody knows how to achieve this?


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