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repost: xev on Thinkpad t61 ver. 6.0.4 squeeze

[tried linux.debian.user and now gmane.linux.debian.user]

I am not able to get xmodmap to work reliably on this laptop since xev
won't report the keycode on all the mod keys. Usually, one or the other
Ctrl keys generate a FocusOut instead of a normal keypress-keyrelease
sequence. When the right Ctrl key generated a FocusOut event, showkey
said it was keycode 0x61 but xmodmap -e "keycode 97 = Super_R" didn't
cause a reassignment, only a radiating concentric circle icon at the
mouse cursor postition. What I want is  the mod keys symmetrically
arranged on the bottom row starting from the right of the Fn key
(unmappable, I think): super, meta*, control spacebar control, meta,
super. The keycaps are printed with Ctrl, WinFlag, Alt, .... Alt, Menu,
What should it say in .Xmodmap to set this up for all users? and what
has to go in Xsession and .initrc ? Using xkb might be easier but I
don't know how to install it. The only .deb file I can find says that
the package shouldn't be installed on normal debian boxes.

* or alt (I want this layout to make Emacs more typable) ;-)



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