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"sshfs target:/ t; ls -lF t" blocks for a long time, when target PC uses systemd

pc A, wheezy, /sbin/init, lenovo x220 laptop

pc B, aka "target", wheezy, alternately boot with /sbin/init and
/bin/systemd, asus eee701 mini laptop

# Boot pc B with init=/sbin/init
# Sequence as run from pc A:
unalias ls
cd /tmp
mkdir t
sshfs target:/ t
ls -l
ls -lF
cd t
ls -l
ls -lF
# everything should have been just fine

# Now, repeat above, but with:
# Boot pc B with init=/sbin/init
# the final command, "ls -lF" should hang, perhaps for about 2 or 5
minutes, not sure exactly

If, when the final command is hung/blocked, I log in as root to pc B,
and run systemctl kill ssh.service, then the command running on pc A
balks out, with lots of ????s showing that ls is not happy/ didn't get
the info it wanted.

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