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Swap partition vs swap file

Hi all,

While still trying to figure out why Thunderbird isn't working so well
with Dovecot, I figured I'd move onto another mystery; thought I'd seek
out some opinions here. :-)

When setting up Linux systems, I've always set up a separate swap
partition.  I was reading a few days ago that apparently there's a nifty
way to do like Windows does (that alone should probably be good enough
reason to *not* do it... :-) ) and set up a swap *file* instead.

So, anyone?  Pros & cons?  Is there any reason to prefer one over the other?

One thing to know about up front - my new Debian setup is on my home
server.  It runs 24/7 and I *never* suspend/hibernate it.  So since it
never has to resume from a swap partition, that particular item is moot. :-)

So, what is the common "best practice" (more-or-less) consensus on the
subject these days?


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