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Re: Sources.list Question

> According to mutt, he hijacked crypticmofo's "Guide / Tools" thread. But
> on closer inspection I don't see any reference to that thread in Fred's
> post.
> Odd.

I guess he just have made a "reply" and then removed all message and
title, and softwares which think IDs are relevant were fooled, unlike
those which do not even try to know about flows or do that by subjects.
And, honestly, I think the only way to know that something is related to
another in ml's situation is by title, because a subject can fork, and
will share the id (I even did not know that there were ids here, thanks
for info).

I think people on linux's mailing lists should know that automated things
are never perfect, and must be taken carefully.

But I do not think it have anything related to "Re: Sources.list Question".

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