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RE: Netflix on Debian Linux

> Hi Guys,
> Last month I signed a netflix account just to be amazed it did not
> work nor give support to linux.

It requires Silverlight, which Microsoft never ported to Linux.  Silverlight requires Dot Net, and while Mono works really well, it can't (yet), as far as I know, support Silverlight, even under Wine.  There is a project called Moonlight that was trying to create a Mono and Linux counterpart, but I think it has stalled.  Microsoft is deemphasizing Silverlight in favor of HTML 5 and Javascript, so a lot of the motivation for it is gone.  Anyway, Moonlight can't run Netflix.

> After calling the call center and get the news, I just canceled it,
> very frustrated.
> Today, a friend sent me this link:
> http://www.iheartubuntu.com/2012/11/netflix-on-ubuntu-is-here.html
> Anyone knows about this? Anyone tried it on debian somehow? Is it
> possible? Any thoughts?
> Thanks!
> Beco

It works.  I have done so.  However, It was not ideal.  Installing Silverlight in Wine was painful, and Firefox runs not well for me under Wine.  Javascript, in particular, is very slow, and requires much patience.  Other than Netflix, I can't think of a good reason to ever want to use it instead of native iceweasel.  I'm sure that it will run in Virtualbox, but who wants to install Windows on their Linux box?  

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