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RE: can't install skype 4.1 in debian testing ; lost the working 4.0

> The only fix I know short of installing 32-bit Wheezy in a chroot or
> machine is to satisfy all of the dependencies, which will all need to be
> versions.  Don't worry; both the i386 and amd64 versions can be installed
> by-side.

I'm sorry, please be extremely cautious about installing i386 versions of
libc anf libglib2.0.  I have confused myself about the ability to install
i386 and amd64 side-by-side in every case.  There may be some cases where
you do not want to do this. 

Your instinct about installing the 4.0 may be sound; I simply don't know
your system well enough to make that kind of judgment. 

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