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Re: (SOLVED) Dovecot configuration issues for IMAP/POP3 (squeeze)

David Guntner grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> David Guntner grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> [Lots of fail2ban stuff]
> Well, holy cow!  That's what I get for starting a conversation. :-)  I'm
> not the type to just ask a question or answer replies and just sit there
> waiting, I start mucking around and googling more and stuff.  Just
> discovered that fail2ban has *multiport* support for iptables - it can
> be set up to filter chains control more than one port with a single
> filter command.
> I further discovered that the Dovecot website itself has filter and jail
> rules for fail2ban to work with its log entries.
> So yea, if I can set up a filter rule that says something along the
> lines of "if you see this, block traffic for that IP address on the
> following ports...", that will do the trick!  Yay! :-)
> Now, if I can just figure out a way to get Dovecot to close the
> connection when there's too many bad attempts....  I'll have to do some
> more testing; maybe the fail2ban chain through iptables will close an
> existing connection as was suggested might be the case in another reply....
> Ooooh, the possibilities! :-D

Well, waa hoo! :-)  Upon further testing, it seems that when fail2ban
decides you're gone and adds an iptables DROP for you, you drop. <grin>

I added the filter on the page I found for Dovecot & fail2ban that I
mentioned above, and then added an extra failregexp entry that looks for
the "auth-worker(default)" log entry, and presto - after I put in a few
bad attempts, fail2ban kicked in and all of a sudden I found myself
kicked out.  Success! :-)

Thanks again to those who helped out!


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