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Graphic-Card-Resolution in GUI affects blanking virtual-consoles (tty1 etc.)

Following issue occurs (in both flavours Squeeze as well as Wheezy):
Running amd64 KDE-Environment.
It does not matter running nouveau-graphics-driver or nvidia-graphics-driver 
(the Debian way ...)
If I switch from KDE-GUI (tty7) to virtual-consoles (tty1 .. tty6) and login 
in text-mode --> after a few seconds, theese virtual-consoles will go BLANK.
The past year I've read a lot of online-doc's maybe concerning this problem,
but theese articles may not hit the core issue I believe.
For me now it seems to be clear:
Only if the graphics-card-resolution is left as standard (in my case this 
seems to be 1600x1200) then a switch to tty1-6 does not affect in blanking 
virtual consoles -> ONLY if I change the resolution to a lower value (ie. 
1400x1050  or other ones ...)  the issue of 'blank virtual consoles' occurs.

So this is not a heavy problem, because one can say: it only makes the 
virtual-console quiet unusable - why use it ??
Well, sometimes I  WANT use vt's !

Any idea ?


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