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Re: Password problem confirmed as repeatable - was [Re: Newbie password problem(s)]

Unless you want to try very minimal system you probably want shadow

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:04:21 -0600
Richard Owlett wrote:

> 2. Did not enable shadow passwords
> (...)
> 3. Attempted "su", neither root nor user password accepted

You may have hit a bug. I noticed a problem with disabling shadow
passwords some time back and I don't know if anyone has fixed it, as
(ahem) I haven't gotten around to reporting it yet...

I recall (maybe wrongly) figuring out that when shadow passwords were
not enabled, installer still saved root password into shadow before
disabling it, or something on those lines.

I could fix my installation at the time by going into single user mode
and changing root password, after which it worked correctly.

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