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Geary and Vala on Squeeze

Hey, everyone, just a quick question someone might be able to help me out

I've been interested in trying out Geary from Yorba
(http://yorba.org/geary/) on my Debian Squeeze box.  I've checked out the
build instructions and it requires Vala 0.17.4.  I've checked the Debian
package list for Squeeze and backports, and this version is nowhere to be
found.  I'm assuming I would also have to build the latest version of
Vala, but am wondering if I'm going to find myself fighting an up-hill

Has anyone themselves used Geary on Squeeze?  If so, can you give a little
advice to building it.

(Also, I checked the Wheezy packages and it looks like there isn't a
version this new either.)

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