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Re: Found problem source - BUG or undocumented "feature"? - was[Re: Mounting of USB flash drives - observed strangeness]

Richard Owlett (rowlett@cloud85.net on 2012-11-14 13:05 -0600):
> The source of the discrepancy is whether or not a USB flash 
> drive is present (for whatever reason) during Debian 
> installation.
> If there has been no USB flash drive present during install, 
> then a labeled device shows up as /media/<device label> as 
> expected.

Having just done some Wheezy usb installs, I can confirm this for
wheezy. However I'm not sure what solution it is you're looking for
("do not create /media entry points for usb removables detected during
install"?). If you can explain that, perhaps the formulation of the bug
report follows naturally.

While you're at it, you may want to ask why the installer doesn't allow
putting /media on a separate filesystem.


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