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favicon.ico not showing in apache2

Mi web server is apache2 under Debian Squeeze. I've got SSL Certificate and user authentication (AuthUser), but I can't manage to show the favicon.ico unless I disable both of them.

Of course, favicon.ico is in the webroot of the VirtualHost and full of permissions (just in order to pass the test). I can see the image if I go to http://www.ejemplo.com/favicon.ico.

I've tried (despite I don't like this solution) ...

<head> <link rel="shortcut icon" href=http://www.ejemplo.com/favicon.ico type="image/x-icon" /> <title>Hello Word Icon</title> </head>

... and it works, despite authentication being enabled, by the time I go to http://www.ejemplo.com/, but keeps on not showing if I go to https://www.ejemplo.com/. And if I put href=https ... instead of href=http ... not even that, I can't see any of them.

How could I get the favicon allways working?
Is there a way to manage it without inserting code in any web page (I mean just seting up something in the VirtualHost configuration file, or something so)?

Pardon for my poor English. I'm working on it :)
Thank you!

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