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Re: Directory ownership

* Gean Ceretta <geanceretta@linuxmail.org> [121111 05:45]:
> I've tried change the ownership of the directory with:

I recently was unable to change ownership, permissions, etc., of a
directory.  Finally I discovered that I somehow had mounted the
directory twice, and that the second mount was inhibiting changes.

And in one instance, I discovered that "umount" was not un-mounting a
directory.  But then I found the following trick in the umount manual

    -r     In case unmounting fails, try to remount read-only.

I simply re-mounted the already-mounted directory, and then umount
worked as expected.  

Have you tried restarting the machine (an easy way to ensure that
double-mounting is not the problem) and then attempting to change
ownership, permissions, etc.?


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