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Re: Directory ownership

On Sunday, November 11, 2012 01:50:03 AM Gean Ceretta wrote:
> Thanks Neal and Charlie, I've tried:
>  *# chown -Rv gean:gean /home/gean* but the ownership stays the same root,
> maybe its important to say that the /home is an NTFS partition, mounted by
> /etc/fstab as:
>  */dev/sda3 /home auto defaults 0 0*
>  this is the correct way to mount this? the problem can be here? All the
> home dirs in this machine have root ownerships.

Knowing it's NTFS may make a big difference. You have to think how Winders 
handles access rights. You may have to do it using ACLs. This may be a dumb 
question: do any ACL tools work with NTFS?

  apt-get install acl
  getfacl /home/gean
and see what appears.

You could try:
  setfacl -m user:gean:rwx /home/gean
  setfacl -m group:gean:rwx /home/gean
It doesn't change ownership, but it may give you rwx access.

Getfacl/setfacl works on EXTn (and maybe ReiserFS); I don't know if it works 
with NTFS-3G. The ACLs work through samba on Win systems (and even allow Win 
systems to set access rights via Properties->Secuiryt). If it doesn't work, 
there may be other tools that work.

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