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Re: Is there a howto for dual boot of Windows 7 and debian?

On 11/11/2012 12:56 AM, Charles Blair wrote:
    I have just tried to use the netinst installer for wheezy
beta 3 to create a dual boot of debian and windows 7.

    The problem arises at the partitioning stage.  The
installer begins by showing me windows 7 using 3 primary
partitions, one of which is bootable.  I resized (this
worked) to get free space.  However, I do not see how
to get a bootable /, swap, and the recommended /home etc
using the 1 primary partition I am allowed to create.

    I would have thought a lot of other users must have
encountered this problem, and that there would be something
in the installer instructions or a howto about it.

    Please let me know if I have overlooked something.

You need to turn that partition into an extended partition, and then you can
make secondary partitions on it: /  /home   swap--even another os besides
debian, if you have room.  I think you can put 16 secondary partitions, but
I'm not sure of that number. Get a copy of Parted Magic (free) which is an iso
that you burn to a CD, and it's bootable, and then you can deal with the
partition problem. It will also format your partitions, so you can choose your file system. It won't mess with your Windows partition, unless you tell it to.


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