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Re: USB-to-Serial adapter on OpenBSD 4.9

Sorry wrong mailing list :(

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Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 1:20 PM
Subject: USB-to-Serial adapter on OpenBSD 4.9


On my OpenBSD 4.9 i386 PC there is no serial port so I bought a USB-to-Serial adapter in the hope to be able to use it but I can't figure out which device in /dev to use for that. When I connect the adapter I have the following dmesg entries:

uplcom0 at uhub2 port 1 "Prolific Technology Inc. USB-Serial Controller D" rev 1.10/3.00 addr 2
ucom0 at uplcom0

So I guess the serial device I should use is ucom0 but there is no /dev/ucom0...

Anyone has an idea of what I am missing?


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