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Re: Debian repository on external USB

On Nov 5, 2012, at 11:59 PM, Muhammad Yousuf Khan wrote:

> i want to dump all these on a USB.  so is that
> practical what i am planning to do. to me it seems possible but i do
> not have any idea since this is very new task for me and that is why i
> need your help.

It's called debmirror, and it's quite practical. Just takes a long time and eats up a lot of disk space (60G or so). There's one in my basement...

It was hard for me to set up as a newbie. But it was worth the trouble. I use options --exclude=-dbg --exclude=kde and --exclude=gnome to save a lot of time. But if you do, add a real full repository in sources.list so you can get stuff these filter out of your local repo.

Also, when I downloaded a big file, the other end dropped the connection. Expect that, but all you have to do is start debmirror again and it will start up where the connection was lost. It's a quite civilized program.

Glenn English

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