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Re: Wheezy suspend fail after todays upgrade


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From: Darac Marjal

Sent: 11/05/12 08:40 AM

To: debian-user@lists.debian.org

Subject: Re: Wheezy suspend fail after todays upgrade

On Fri, Nov 02, 2012 at 07:07:31PM -0400, Gean Ceretta wrote: 
>    Good night friends, after todays (02/11/2012) upgrade, my Wheezy begin to 
>    fail on waking from suspend mode, anyone experienced that too? This is an 
>    very old bug on Wheezy that was not affecting me before today. 
>    Here is the list of upgraded packages:   
>    libapt-pkg4.12 
>    apt 
>    libapt-inst1.5 
>    apt-utils 
>    ghostscript 
>    libgs9 
>    libgs9-common 

None of these should affect resumption. How does your machine "fail on 
waking" (any error messages, does it crash or does it hang etc)? You 
mention it's a "very old bug"; what's the bug number?


Hello mister Darac, the problem is not ocurring anymore, I don't no why, because I haven't do nothing. When I say it's a old bug, is in my case. I have reported it as an pm-utils bug (#682306), long time ago, but maybe this is not the source of the bug, I have not received any awanser for the bug yet. The fail is described in the bug report, basically the system wake up from suspend as if it was turned off, all the work is wasted. None error messege is presented. The first time I've installed Wheezy, from the netinst disc, the problem was affecting me, but now I've upgraded from Squeezy to Wheezy, the problem don't happen anymore. Maybe is some configuration of my hardware, an Sony Vaio, other friends of mine, that uses Vaio's too, have the same problem.

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