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Re: Wheezy suspend fail after todays upgrade

On Fri, Nov 02, 2012 at 07:07:31PM -0400, Gean Ceretta wrote:
>    Good night friends, after todays (02/11/2012) upgrade, my Wheezy begin to
>    fail on waking from suspend mode, anyone experienced that too? This is an
>    very old bug on Wheezy that was not affecting me before today.
>    Here is the list of upgraded packages:  
>    libapt-pkg4.12
>    apt
>    libapt-inst1.5
>    apt-utils
>    ghostscript
>    libgs9
>    libgs9-common

None of these should affect resumption. How does your machine "fail on
waking" (any error messages, does it crash or does it hang etc)? You
mention it's a "very old bug"; what's the bug number?

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