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Re: Acer aspire v5-571p-6815 debian install

On Sun 04 Nov 2012 at 08:07:15 -0600, Michael wrote:

> L V,
> When you install, the partitioner will ask you several questions
> during setup.  DO NOT choose 'use entire disk.'  Click/check only
> the 687G partition and you'll be fine.

We'd like to think so but . . . .
> Alternately, check you Windows help files.  There may be a
> possibility that you can create a set of restore CDs.  There is on
> my Acer so I think it fairly safe to assume that your Acer system
> has the same option.  That way, if you do botch your installation,
> you can always use your restore CDs.

. . . . these CDs may come in useful if L. V. does more than click on
the 687G partition.

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