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Re: Checking local mail with Icedove

> I don't think you need to bother with POP or IMAP. It appears Icedove
> has an account type called "movemail" that you can point to
> /var/spool/mail/<user>.
> Personally, I use good old /usr/bin/mail for this purpose.
> John

Bingo!, and thanks!

I always have an xterm open, tailing the log time, and I use bsd-mailx for local mail.
The reason I want to do this is I am concentrating on a lot of things at the moment
and I've managed to miss a few log entries that I wanted to investigate further. So I
figured the Icedove popup might catch my attention a bit better.

BTW, for anyone else following this, the movemail account type is found by going to:
Edit -> Account Settings
Then click on Account Actions and choose Add Other Account

I had searched the Mozilla community site, but could not find anything even remotely
similar to this.

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