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Re: Checking local mail with Icedove

On 01/11/2012 22:36, craig@gtek.biz wrote:
This may or may not be a dumb question, but I would like to install logcheck on my local machine,
and then view the emails it generates using Icedove. I guess I need a POP or IMAP server running,
so my question is, which server should I install to access the emails that will be put into a maildir
format, and how is it configured to accept connections locally only?

Any advice?


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Hi, as pointed by another poster you don't need anything else than a mua configured to store the system mail locally only (exim, postfix ... reconfigure with "dpkg-reconfigure" if necessary). IIRC the "dpkg-reconfigure" step alows you to choose maildir format too. Use the "other" type when creating the new Icedove account, then use "movemail" profile. It should work right away after exiting the account creation wizard. I use this setup when I don't want to bother with Mutt ;-).

This is on Wheezy/Sid.

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